Thursday, June 28, 2007

new sensation

While I was waiting for the morning drugs to kick in, I decided to pull up a tuffet and write a while. Surgery yesterday went off without a hitch (that they told me about while I wasn't completely unconscious anyway). They got me a doctor cap to wear in teh operating room so that "I now look like Dr. Gray herself" (sans McDreamy) they laid me down on the table, danced with joy for finding a box of tourniquets, turned on the IV and I mentioned my hand was falling asleep, one of the nurses said it wa because I was probably holding it funny. Then I remember nothing else.

healer © Laura Kicey

The time thereafter has been a snoozy adventure in trying to keep my limbs under control and myself upright when necessary. I've been given a little pink sitzbath, which I fondly refer to as my ass-bucket and lots of percocet which makes me very itchy and dizzy. I called my mother to ask her if the itchiness is normal and her magical book of drugs lists pruritus in the side effects, which she then looked up to mean: a strong sensation of the skin which leads to the desire to scratch, also known as itchiness. Thanks for the directness. Why we need a confounding word to explain something simple in the world of medicine I do not know.

Last night after I snoozily whipped up a Pasta Roni (I always get the urge for it when I am unwell) and ate it while falling asleep on the strong shoulders of Mr. D, I took a nap and forgot how long it had been since I had eaten and unwisely took another regulary-scheduled itchypill. I was told that the anaesthesia might make me throw up, but if I threw up more than once that was bad and I should call the doctor. I also made an agreement with one of my friends that I wouldn't throw up at all. Well, while I didn't make it to the need to call the doctor, I broke my promise. Sorry Shannon.

Last weekend was planned to be a much better adventure than it ended being. Mr D and I drove up towards Sugarloaf, PA and decided to take Rt. 118 west towards Williamsport. Much to our gross disappointment Rt. 118 which looks like it should be remote and full of our brand of thrills. Instead it was blandly woodsy and dotted with overly well-kept houses. Dammit! The Trevorton Community Yard Sale did not leave of empty-handed though. And I feel the drugs creeping into the system now. And my ability to type leaving me.

piques © Laura Kicey

I found a great silver filigree flowery necklace for $4, Pan's Labyrinth on DVD for $1. Dust pocketed a bundle of toy dinosaurs for free (don't ask) and the Godfather trilogy for $3. We walk/drove the entire town, avoiding mauling the many dazed pedestrians and took a few photos while inhabitants were on their best behavior.

plots © Laura Kicey

We headed southwest for my opening in New Cumberland on Saturday afternoon. Lots of foot traffic came through, having only invited the bare minimum, since I only know a few people in the Burg zone these days. I had one woman interested in buying a piece but not that very moment and I will be supplying prints to the gallery soon. Tomorrow the show comes down and Dustin's goes up on the walls. His opening will be on Saturday, July 14th, 4-8pm.

wide open
wide open © Laura Kicey

I have managed to sleep most of the day again, but have avoided eating and drinking entirely. And now that the drug fog has cleared, I think I can maintain an upright position long enough to whip up some beans and rice for dining.

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Blogger addie said...

i hope you feel better soon!

9:22 AM, June 29, 2007  
Anonymous dawn said...

feel better soon and take care of you.

10:37 AM, June 29, 2007  
Blogger Shannon said...

i miss mustache man :(

2:31 PM, July 01, 2007  
Blogger cally said...

sleep well, feel better.

not been by for a while now (been sick) but your work and life are as beautiful and fascinating as ever.

6:36 PM, July 11, 2007  

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