Wednesday, May 16, 2007

that type of girl

Fifty years ago, Max Miedinger gave birth to an unseen but omnipresent child, that is my (partial-pseudo) namesake. Helvetica, baby, you are looking good for your age.

Possibly readers scratch their collective heads at my choice, so in honor of reaching a half a century, I should like to shed a little light on the face behind the name.

well read
well read © Laura Kicey

I admire the versatility of what the typeface embodies in its character. How people either love it or hate it and sometimes both, because it is at once modern, a throwback, invisible and the picture of clarity. I like that it is utilitarian. And safe. And anonymous. And perfect. And boring. I like that it can be all those things.

followers © Laura Kicey

As a photographer and designer I wish to disappear into content as effortlessly as this typeface. The power of being virtually appropriate in any situation is very liberating. Especially in terms of making photographs, being able to create an image of something that is beautiful and resonant, but not necessarily a subject I have a vested interest in is the ultimate freedom of expression.

Helvetica I salute you.

Everything you ever wanted to know about my alter-ego but didn't know how to ask.

Make no mistake, I don't use it fanatically. In fact I rarely do, with exception of my brand, hardly ever. But I have to respect its broad appeal. No shortage of work for that kid.

In other news I am going to a wedding this weekend. In a fire hall. In north-central PA. It will likely be one of those can't-take-my-eyes-away-from-the-spectacular-bizarreness affairs. Which means I am looking forward to it in a sick way. To wash it down, Mr. D and myself will be scooting out to Hazleton to meet and speak with the artist Joseph A. Woitko, whose work we accidentally encountered while getting lost in Beaver Meadows a few weeks back.

swallow © Laura Kicey

Also I will be having an opening during the second weekend of June at a boutique in New Cumberland (outside Harrisburg) where my work will be shown for the month of June. Dustin's show follows in July, with an opening reception the second weekend of July. More details to come.

Randomly my photo of the Israeli band, Monotonix from last August turned up printed and uncredited in Time Out, Israel. I wanted to contact the publication but all emails to Israel I have attempted to send have bounced back, sending to and
Anyone with some guidance on how to get in contact with them would be much appreciated.

dissonance © Laura Kicey

This will be my last week of full time employ as a graphic designer. Over the last week, bits of my well-crafted plan have gotten slightly snarled in the fray, however, the revised schematics include a more profitable end, and my face behind a camera. Fingers and eyes crossed.

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