Tuesday, June 12, 2007

placebo effect

Since the rise of my freelance self, I have been shying away from blog posts, even though it was on the list of things to really commit to. And seeing as it is summer and technically I am should be out 'doing things' I've been clinging to the air conditioner, while my body's clock tells me it thinks its early fall or an exceptionally hot winter.

I've mostly been preoccupied with mysterious health situations, sorting through my financial crap, and trying to figure out the source of a mystery smell in the bathroom. Both far too glamorous/titillating (i.e. way too much info) for bloggery. This being said, I know I am still not healthy yet (the thrill of having an infection resistant to the toughest antibiotic), but I am a Sole Proprietor! Ship. Yeah! And the smell persists, grows even. Now that you are up to speed, something to sink the teeth into...

I just had the following piece accepted into the Muse Gallery's show entitled "Words". Many thanks to Violet Hobaugh and her unsettling written verbigeration.

sentence © Laura Kicey

Now that my friend Daniel is with camera, the course of choosing locations at which to shoot might be taking a different turn. This occurred at approximately the same time as I discovered uwishunu.com, which has also started coloring our adventures.

creature comforts
creature comforts © Laura Kicey

We found ourselves in Philly's Polar ghettos, North and South last weekend, hitting Art for the Cash Poor and then sauntering down to the B-Boy BBQ. The latter featured breakdancing faceoffs and grafitti demonstrations on nearby pieces of abandoned structures.

the badlands
the badlands © Laura Kicey

The former we offset with a miniwalk around a razed structure across the street from the renovated warehouse where AFTCP was being held. Getting to shoot on N. American Street without fearing for ones life is most uncommon.

mane © Laura Kicey

Mr. The Dust and I have been contemplating some photo journeys with particularly unusual points for destinations. Conventions of the kookie to say the least... the nearest in Scranton, the furthest in Iowa, including but not limited to Oh Yes and Quite Possibly. While the destinations themselves would be enough, to meet masses of people making extraordinary decisions about how they've chosen to form their lives, getting there would also provide oodles of its own entertainment value.

unnature © Laura Kicey

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Anonymous eric said...

Your photos on here are beautiful!

Glad you're enjoying the site. ;)

12:25 PM, June 14, 2007  
Blogger helveticaneue said...

Looks like you guys are going to give me all sorts of great reasons to get into the city from way out here in Ambler. Thanks for stopping by!

12:34 PM, June 14, 2007  

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