Thursday, February 09, 2006


There are of course dangers to writing when I am slightly incoherent from lack of sleep. Mostly: reckless babble and also returning to reread this and seeing every grammatical and spelling splatter. Even on a good day I come back to entries at least 3 times and find errors. Before the alarm went off this morning, my cell rang and it was a friend who accidentally dialed my number. I hadn't talked to them in months, but seeing as I fell back to sleep afterward, I have no idea what we talked about.

leah and rob
leah and rob © Laura Kicey

The week thus far has been filled with friends I haven't seen in a long-ass time. I went to see Low and His Name is Alive with a small posse.

lower © Laura Kicey

And a first: my super-low-light-perfomance-handheld shots did not all turn out looking like the contents of my stomach.

his name is alive
his name is alive © Laura Kicey

After the last show, as I wrote a few posts back, not particularly keen on show-going- the hit-or-miss circumstance of lighting and viewing, post-show deafness, the possibility of getting crushed bodily or cameraily by morons, and the completely awesome cost of tickets and time spent driving to and from venues... rarely added up to make it worthwhile. But I could, this once, justify.

low angle
low angle © Laura Kicey

So lastly and as yet unofficially, I have very likely won a contest which involves being part of a gallery show. A group show that will open in April, First Friday, in Old City. More details to come when I get the official word.

santori time
santori time © Laura Kicey

Tomorrow I am off to general void of Central PA to hang out on D's estate in the woods. 48 hours of freedom. Wee!


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