Tuesday, January 24, 2006

shock value

shock values
shock values © Laura Kicey

So I got a show. Nothing elaborate. But it is my first. And it is mine.

Also of interest, I got confirmation that some of my work will be in a book that is to be published in April. And I am about 80% certain I will be in another Girls on Film in Philly this March, showing opposite Dustin and a third unknown photog.

shine © Laura Kicey

I just got back from a weekend in Manhattan on Sunday night, so I am backtracking a bit here. Most excellent surprise meeting: Eddy Joaquim

hot and cool
hot and cool © Laura Kicey

...a long time e-friend from flickr I had yet to meet.

Our posse painted the town... blue, it seems.

pelt © Laura Kicey

Every turn reminded me how much I do not miss New York. I really don't like shooting there, it all seems so homogenized and tidied, nothing is overlooked or gets anywear near a point of decay. No sense of humor, and devoid of character. I could just be bitter from the two years I suffered working there. Possibly.

I will say, it is excellent for on-the-sly shots such as these, but I hate the guilt in the pit of my stomach. I feel nothing for the subject.

hipshot © Laura Kicey

Knowing that there are three Chinese guys in front of me, spouting insults at me for shooting a photo of their bok choy in the market, and I have to pretend I am none the wiser and they hate me all the more for it. It was a crap photo anway.


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