Monday, February 06, 2006

slice of life

This is January. Blustery cold, windy, sitting at work in the attic shivering because someone left their window open all weekend. Following sitting in my apartment, shivering and listening to my downstairs neighbors scream over the Superbowl. I've stood outside their door a couple of times and have noted that their normal speaking voice is a yell, which I appreciate frequently. Feeling I am a part of their every conversation while I am sitting alone in my living room makes me feel less lonely.

And much more angry.

I'm supposed to write this article about Ambler, my town, for Utata which I keep doing 'research' for but not getting into. I'm hoping that if I write about this article and talk about it enough, I will actually gear myself up enough to start the article (praying the editor isn't reading this). So far, not working so much. I want to center it on the asbestos factory, which I am obsessed with, but I'm not quite sure how to do so as, oh, hey, I'm not really a writer.

symphony © Laura Kicey

This weekend D. and I visited the grounds and bumped into a posse of happy paintballers with whom we made the verbal agreement to give each other a wide berth. Which meant us staying out of the factory and hitting the power plant instead. I nicked an etched window pane, the kind which I incorporated here:

calligraphic © Laura Kicey

I used it in a hand photo of Dustin I shot while on site, but somehow neglected to post (see the end of this post). I recently found out that a goodly number of people seem to think I photoshopped the bejesus out of the above shot or that it was some kind of composite.
Interesting. Not so.

cousins © Laura Kicey

I spent Saturday in my least favorite corner of the world: New Jersey. I met some nice people, took some appallingly bad photos, ate some monkey cake, and prayed I would not end up here.

icing © Laura Kicey

Mmmm. Winter blubber making. Actually, I have just realized, hours later, that this is actually February, my mistake.
I've also been spelling 'monkeys' as 'monkies' for 24 hours, at least, and I am deeply embarrassed.

rescue © Laura Kicey


Blogger Michael K. said...

Um, I'm, like, a writer, sorta, and I could help you out some.

Maybe. Kinda. If you told me what the thing's about.


12:16 PM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger Michael K. said...

Are you going to see Low too? I just saw them in Detroit. They were AWESOME.

12:17 PM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger helveticaneue said...

*doubled over*


Yeah. I will blog the photos from the Low show I saw last night, plus some other exciting news I have once I get some zzzzzs.

12:24 PM, February 08, 2006  

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