Wednesday, February 01, 2006


radiant gray
radiant gray © Laura Kicey

Two nights ago I had a meeting with the lovely Ms. Audrey... a night rich in conversation, revelation, and the general juicy girltalk. The article she interviewed me for is due to be printed in the April issue of the magazine. She is hoping to get permission to incorporate as many of my photos as possible and was hoping I would be inspired to create a self-portrait with my equipment. Which is making all sorts of things bubble in the same vein as my other 'becoming bionic' self-portraits vein.

blood poisoning
blood poisoning © Laura Kicey

Yesterday I stepped out at lunch, strictly to cross the street and tap the MAC. Without my camera. And what should not come as a surprise is that I needed to go back and get my camera.

the cartographer's chair
the cartographer's chair © Laura Kicey

Right now I feel rather helpless; I want nothing more than to help Dustin find a job that will make him happy and put him geographically closer to me. Anyone with information leading to securing a job in the greater Philadelphia area as an Events Planner: we need to talk.


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