Tuesday, January 31, 2006

contact sport

downpour © Laura Kicey

Chinese New Year this year was filling and fulfilling. Dim Sum. Pork Buns. Baby Bok Choy. Joy. Joy. Oh yeah, the photowalk action was good too. A lot of sad people looking at the rainy sky and exploding veg. And firecracker shrapnel in my ass.

heart of gold
heart of gold © Laura Kicey

Another visit to the asbestos factory in my town with Dustin took me to some previously unexplored areas. Though rotten wooden floors and my own gnawing anxiety prevented unfettered access.

quarrying © Laura Kicey

The day was capped with an unexpected break into a nearby quarry.... to which I came dressed to shoot in a nice, clean studio with lights and, y'know, facilities. Down I went. Nightblindness and falling rock are awesome together.

the last pew
the last pew © Laura Kicey

The weekend wrapped with a show in Philly, Deerfhoof at the Unitarian Church, which could be heard but not seen. The ceiling was colorful. The unkempt fro of the 6'3" someteen-year-old kid in front of me, who came in his plaid pajama pants, was rich and intricate as the strings of noisy pop melodies. The threat of being mauled by the moshing teens I am old enough to have birthed myself, was diffused by the reassuring presence of giant man hands, but sometimes it ain't enough. Am I getting too old or too angry?

utata schwag: me doing ridiculous things with photography
utata schwag © Laura Kicey

Lastly, I am having dinner tonight with the intriguing Ms. Audrey Gray (yes it's the right link), an editor at Picture Business magazine (which goes to camera retailers nationally). She wants to interview me for an article on how positive feedback on flickr is positively affecting camera retail and compelling people to upgrade their equipment.

I've also been asked to show at a café in Selinsgrove. Business cards are on the press now... hot and in hand by week's end.

Outta control.


Anonymous Rob Weychert said...

I tend to feel old at Deerhoof shows too. I missed this one, despite having a ticket, in an attempt to use the night to redeem the day's seven consecutive hours of video game procrastination. Sigh.

10:38 AM, January 31, 2006  
Blogger helveticaneue said...

If I go to the Low show, will I feel the same way? I want to, as does Ken.

I miss thee Rob, we need to be old together more often, unless you are impeded by videogamery and hot young arm candy.

10:51 AM, January 31, 2006  
Anonymous sam b-r said...

speaking of business card...
congrats on all your recent success. may it keep building and building.

11:16 AM, January 31, 2006  
Anonymous Rob Weychert said...

Even if you feel just as old at the Low show (which you won't), you'd be doing yourself a disservice to miss it. Especially since I'll be there.

2:45 PM, January 31, 2006  

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