Thursday, January 05, 2006

tossing and turning

where the twain meet
where the twain meet © Laura Kicey

This morning, my friend Phil left for Iraq. He will be in combat, probably until at least Febraury. They extended his tour even before he left.

We never met. In the past few months, has encouraged me to take some different routes in photography, opening my eyes to different experiences and processes. He had worked on a series of digital pinholes, manifestations of his fears. This photo, a digital pinhole, I dedicate to him.

Take care, soldier.


Blogger Michael K. said...

Would you mind explaining to us non-initiates into the Photographic Mysteries how a "digital pinhole" works?

1:26 AM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger helveticaneue said...

Works the same as a recular pinhole camera, which is a box with a pinhole in it and a place to hold a light-reactive surface. Could be a shoebax with a strip of film. A tiny hole is enough to sufficiently focus the light on the surface. The digital pinhole using the body of the camera: without a lens on I attach a cap over the hole that has a tiny pin hole in it which focuses the light and as you see it here, not sharp, but in color. When not out in bright sun light, as with an exposure like this, takes 10 seconds, so I could move around. I had to experiment to figure out what was long enough.

3:43 PM, February 01, 2006  

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