Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've become disgracefully lazy about this blog. It hinges, I think, on the fact that I have to post 'old'- as in, I took this shot this last weekend, rather than hours ago... lack of daylight, heaps of bad excuses. Anyway, life is currently giving me nothing to bemoan, and I always suppose overly cheery blog entries are kind of a bore.

Fun things to do in the dark include: have a pseudo xmas/birthday party at your friend's apartment, take things off the walls and reaassemble them elsewere and include partygoers.

temptations © Laura Kicey

try on each other's shoes.

ladyslipper © Laura Kicey

smell each other's garlic breath.

spectacle © Laura Kicey

In other news, I've been told by someone I need to make more self-portraits.

wrapping © Laura Kicey

I swear, I have an awesome one waiting in the wings, one that totally reveals exactly how warped I am, if not other things. Tomorrow, I tell you! Also I have some pretty steamy notions for joint efforts.

finders keepers
finders keepers © Laura Kicey

Who has time for Christmas shopping with all the getting dressed and undressed?


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