Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ok ok. I get the hint. My boss. My friends. Random acquaintances. Strangers. All, some in the most surprising ways, are pimping out my photography...and kickin me in the ass. Which is both exciting and terrifying... and with the rumble of holidays makes me kinda break out in a rash. I had finally managed to start evening out, nearly having time to do all the things that need doing.

frosting © Laura Kicey

My boss is attempting to get me a a little gig in Ambler. My man is hunting down venues for a joint show, appropriately, as we are some sort of mutant cyclops born into two bodies, or so it seems some days. My friend Daniel has told me I am to get some business cards printed by the time he returns from Mexico. Or else.

replacements © Laura Kicey

Meanwhile, I have no website (that we are going to make actual mention of, as I am too embarrassed) and no studio, no clue how to use lights, and honestly, the relationship between aperture size and shutter speeds and dof still rather confounds me. And I feel shame. I ooze with it. Sploop.

twiligt © Laura Kicey


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