Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A bevy of attempts have been made to turn the ship around and have some good times, while I have been thinking gray dismal thoughts. And the latest few have actually worked for the most part.

gossip © Laura Kicey

Last-last Monday, to start the week off right, I went to the hospital to sit perfectly still for 45 minutes in a tiny plastic tube that makes deafening noises. Since I needed a dye injection I have a giant bruise on my arm that I decided was the shape of a dodo, so to improve upon the marring, I have drawn a ballpoint pen tattoo of a dodo on my arm. Much less scary now. The MRI showed nothing terrifically abnormal, some lymph nodes that are a little puffed up which doesn't come as a surprise. So next week I see my specialist, and what he may or may not know fills me with dread. Nurse Mother did some reading a couple weeks back and had a Health Epiphany. While I cannot describe with any exactness here, my hypothetical prognosis basically explains everything that has happened to me in the last now 7 months, including things that would be symptoms, that were ignored as unrelated... and why I don't heal. The more I read about this, the more I filled with relief. If this is indeed what I have going on inside me, the better the possibility of actually fixing things, for once.

pearl s. buck
pearl s. buck © Laura Kicey

Work for Mr. D has been taking him and occasionally myself into what we considered off-limits territory.

Jersey. The land that hates on us hardcore.

As in the name of health and comfort I take vinegar and then soak in a bath of it, we have delved into explorations of the Jerze, and much to our surprise, have found many a delight therein.

This last weekend found us in the Pine Barrens. Voluntarily crossing state lines to the east without promise of payment. Though I did take a great deal of stock-worthy shots (and little else). Seeing as the PBs cover 1.1 million acres, it isn't exactly as though one day trip and we've got the area completely under our control.

brushfire © Laura Kicey

We started off in Tabernacle and tried to get ourselves lost, which is generally our most effective tactic... thinking we'd eventually see something worthy of note. And we didn't. So I picked a rough looking side road to turn down off the main route, and moments later we were headed down an "unimproved sand road" (overstatement of the century), bouncing and swerving all the way. We found a cranberry bog, though there is really no shortage of them, a campground (likewise), a lot of deer, and well, pine trees.

thicket © Laura Kicey

I had a half a tank of gas. The car seemed to be holding out, we were only driving about 10mph tops, because it just wasn't possible to drive any faster without your pimped out SUV.... but there was this palpable tension that grew the further we drove along this tiny little excuse for a road. There is no cell reception. This road isn't on a map. Mr. D-Navigation surmised our general direction from tree shadows, but this did not prevent the fear of my little car dying.

Just when I was giving up all hope, suddenly we were deposited on a main route, possibly the one we had been driving on previously, moments away from the entrance of Batsto Village. I have problems with going to historical sites, while I like the information I can gather from reading, I prefer the info that I gather with just the visuals... seeing as its the making of the visuals that might make me the money... in the most desirable fashion. Part laziness, but partly good business. If my eyes don't find a use for it, I can't sell it. Must have an idea or be beautifully abstract just for me.

rib cage
rib cage © Laura Kicey

I'm thinking in ways I haven't before, due to a different kind of loving push from Ms. Wiernik of Yo! Darkroom. I've been given a solo show in April of 2008 and I am bristling with excitement. But I also want to give it something new that my other showings have lacked. Coherence on another level, and I am trying to prod the pictures to tell me how they would most like to be viewed in the space.

recoil © Laura Kicey

I little piece of me has always wanted to do backlit transparencies, but most of me is so unfineart, I wouldn't know where to begin, or how much would be involved physically (construction and space wise) or financially. Also, although I am daunted and used to working ass backwardly, I would like to give myself an assignment, or two, to keep chipping away at over the coming months. Pine Barrens explorations are in there, kicking around, along with another. But I'll let that unfurl when it is actually set.

raise © Laura Kicey

Tomorrow, Mr. The Dust and I are headed off Central Pennsylvanianings. Night Train to Terror plays in Harrisburg and we are going a-flea marketing. It is late and my eyes have their own set of plans, looking at the screen is not on the list....

barren © Laura Kicey

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