Saturday, March 10, 2007


rementer grave
rementer grave © Laura Kicey

Towards the end of November, I revisited Rementer House. This morning with high hopes, The D and myself set off to go shooting there. And found it completely razed. The kennel. The barn and stables. The garage. The basement filled in with soil. Little bits of the lives of John and Floss were strewn about mixed in with the dirt. Only the birdhouse remained. My heart felt heavy.

Too often we forget that the things we are most drawn to are often the most frail or in teh most peril of being destroyed at any given moment. I didn't think they would take a little of us with them when they go. But they do.

nausea dizziness fatigue
nausea dizziness fatigue © Laura Kicey

To attempt and put some cheer back in us we went to Pottstown to the ever-lovely Funky Lil Kitchen for dinner and to drop off some new work for them to hang.

We then skulked around the shadows of the town to see whose drawers we could get into without them noticing.

swing © Laura Kicey

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Anonymous michael said...

great shot of Jean's, i saw the photo and knew it had to be Pottstown...there's only one Jean's...!

i've been to Funky Lil' Kitchen too, will look for your work next time in...nice little spot, gives Pottstown some hope...!

11:06 AM, March 26, 2007  

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