Tuesday, May 08, 2007

growing pains

transplant © Laura Kicey

I just remarked somewhere over in the flickrsphere that sometimes the worst days produce the most remarkable photos. Which sadly (I s'pose) makes a case for the rather annoying 'one must suffer for the Art' mantra so many are fond of.

I have had two rather shitty days bumper to bumper. Yesterday's mess involved driving almost 80 unexpected miles to get a project done, undone and redone... and vamoosed. Today marked three months after the Inital Ow started... well it never healed properly and I've had a new hole punched in me, much to my chagrin. Dressed up with promises that the new hole will somehow be better, even though it is bigger. And laden with the knowledge of how much the first one Owed.

just like nu
just like nu © Laura Kicey

How soon will I be new again? Gimme an hour!

Next Friday is my fake "last day of work" even though I will be back on Monday following doing all the same things in probably the same hole in the attic as before. Photography, or at least the making of new such photos, has been taking a back seat of late. Hopefully Nu Me will be able to get it back into gear swiftly.

seven signs of aging
seven signs of aging © Laura Kicey

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