Thursday, June 15, 2006


I was instructed to go take a walk. I did and hooray! I took boring plant photos. And realized how much I missed the wind. I also talked to a random stranger while out for my walk. Her name was Raven and she wanted to know where the bank was on Ambler's main drag. And me being awkward as I am, started walking as I had been, which ended up being right next to her in the same direction... so we talked about photography. Me! Friendly! Passing out the business card even! The *other* good news of the day: Our robbery will not be going to trial as it was expected to, this coming Monday. Our buddy plead guilty. Now if we could work on that $60, I could put that towards the Slik Pistol Grip tripod head I just ordered to replace the one I fell on and broke on the bus last week.

Yes, I fall a lot.

haywire © Laura Kicey

Kinda like my hair in the wind...

life cycle
life cycle © Laura Kicey

Also you may notice, or not, that I have made changes to Ye Olde Template on the blog to accommodate larger photos so you don't feel like you are going blind from compression artifacts. You may need to blow out your cache. They are now flickr display size. Hooray.

Sleep now.


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