Friday, June 02, 2006

wandering off

Long distance flickr meets have struck curious chords with me, landing us deeply in the lives of people who would normally never see our faces or hear our voices. It is a special brand of connection without compare.

menagerie © Laura Kicey

When the not-sleeping has caught up with you, when you realize that you have been staring into space and 20 minutes have passed and you've neither moved, blinked or registered any outside stimuli, when you walk out of your house and think your car has been stolen because you have no recollection of where you last left it... it's time to go.

voodoo goddess
voodoo goddess © Laura Kicey

So I am packing my bags last night, calculating the medium-sized questions like number of times I can wear the same pair of shorts without skeeving myself out and how many shirts really go with that pair of shorts... and the epic questions such as what pants look good without a shirt at all. One has to ask oneself these things, not often... or ever if you are me... unless of course one is going to have a sofa session with merkley???

gail caught
gail caught © Laura Kicey

Modesty and my better judgement will prevent me from doing something dumb, but curiosity will not allow me to slip out of this one altogether, though I am fantastically nervous. He is a fascinating character who is wildly popular on flickr and frequently torn apart by commenters. He makes his women friends into their wildest versions of their dream-selves and most men into dark green creatures of envy.

And I must know.

I'm not sure what exactly, but hopefully I recognize when I get to it. Three Question Mark Epiphany. Yeah.

mister gibbs
mister gibbs © Laura Kicey

Anyway, I have people calling off work next week to go on walkabout with me, lining up late night magic making in abandoned warehouses, random drinks and tapas and visits to other favorite haunts... it still feels like a week away. It is 9.35am... in procrastination hours, that does actually put it about a week away.


I'll be staying with Ms. K, (who I am hoping is feeling right as rain and seeing clearly by the time I arrive...have a good trip yourself, ladycakes) so I may check in here, but if I don't, I will see you in about a week, hopefully most of the way on the mend.


Blogger Bruce Grant said...

you could be bundled in a burnoose, and you'd still make men green with envy
have great fun, and hug all my friends for me

8:16 PM, June 03, 2006  
Blogger merkley??? said...

what happened?

7:44 PM, June 12, 2006  

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