Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Hot off the e-press is my temporary revamped simpleviewer design portfolio. Live as of this afternoon.

See it here!

my design portfolio


Monday, February 26, 2007

turning the other cheek

It seems too much to ask, in this particular snowy winter season, for me to just get a simple cold. Having but a week ago finished my antibiotics from mystery infection number one, last night I start getting a weird ache in my wisdom-tooferless jaw. This morning the cold splash of milk washing over the teeth accompanying the morning cereal sent Rocket O' Pain shooting through my brain... and even the three minute walk to work made me shudder as my cheeks chilled outside-in.

grin and bear it
grin and bear it © Laura Kicey

Mr. Dentist gleefully announced that additional stress I may have been experiencing in the last week or so (better known as My Lump, among other things), may have caused me to grind the choppers and weaken something and cause the hyper-sensitivity. This particular culprit tooth, has a receding gum line and a little root exposure that has never much bothered me... so he resurfaced it, with the grim additional note: there is about a 20% chance that your nerve is dying and your tooth is 'going bad' (and all the cash you are forking over to resurface said tooth will be pointless when we give you a root canal next week). Oh the pleasure. Meanwhile Lump hasn't even decided whether or not to completely stop being a nuisance...

Meanwhile I am working on some other projects outside of work-work and will be releasing a new and improved design portfolio section on my website shortly. Also of note, next week is Mr. D's Big 28!! And the article/interview on moi will be coming out on LifeStyle Magazine on March 7th! Meanwhile I have barely shot anything aside from design projects (as you will see) and am getting restless and twitchy fingered.

Now I return to biting my numb tongue and fat lip....

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

second opinion

under my skin
under my skin © Laura Kicey

About two weeks ago I found a lump. Paralyzed with fear, speculation, weird morose fantasies, dread and anxiety, I went to the doctor who basically brushed me off and told me to soak it. So the pain grew over the next two weeks, making simple tasks like sitting and standing up rather unpleasant, I finally went to another doctor who told me what was going on instead... of scratching their head and calling me 'atypical' and sending me home.

So yesterday I got cut open for the first time in my life. To make the occasion more colorful, Mr. D was invited in on the procedure. He has now officially seen more of me than even I have. Fortunately for me (and most unfortunate for him) I couldn't see what was happening, I likely would have blacked out from the blood, as I am very skilled at doing that. My own gore is usually the only kind to bother me. Afterwards, fueled on adrenaline and the Lidocaine that had kicked in much too late, D took me out for ice cream... and to kill two birds with one stone, we went to the vet too. Ms. Maggs had been feeling a little bumpy herself for a couple weeks so we had that taken care of.

double shift © Dustin Fenstermacher

best diptych ever... I could maintain my humor up to the point of incision, now its every wound for themselves

Then the good stuff started wearing off. And the Ow started kicking in. I went to bed with Ow. Cried a lot. And woke up with Ow. Showered with Ow. Cried some more. And am now sitting at work on what should be a snow day with Ow.

Stabbing-burning pains are awesome. I find I have no tolerance for pain at all. And I am the biggest wuss ever. And this is likely the least clever blog post ever because I didn't really sleep last night, I just rolled around hoping some form of laying would not hurt and the antibiotics would stop making me nauseous really soon. Infections are the bestest! This will be the most romantic Valentine's Day EVAR.

There are some other things I need to write about... such as our awesome opening and hanging out with my college exroommate, but I think it will wait till my head stops boiling. Happy VD everyone!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

second helpings

cut it out
cut it out © Laura Kicey

As of two days ago I have been a member of flickr for two years. There is a great deal of hullaballoo over on the forums these days regarding the compulsory merging of your flickr and yahoo IDs. This personally does not pose much of a problem for me, my yahoomail is my main account. Though on my first re-sign in, I ended up having to re-enter my incredibly long and cumbersome password twice, which, I was told, if I was signed into my mail already, wouldn't happen. My biggest beef is with the cap on contacts and tagging. Currently 2,893 people call me a contact. Had I reciprocated all of those adds I would be very close to reaching the 3,000 contacts limit. True there are people who use the adding of contacts as a form of spammery. The same with tagging in order to get more hits. I use my tags for organization, storytelling, for future use as stock images, inside jokes, and an added layer of communication. Though I am generally not known to be an outspoken grouch on much of anything issue-y, this does kind of bother me. Knowing that other people whose work I follow, such as Rose and Olive and Merkley???, who are forced by Yahoo! to make large portions of their images available to only friends and family because of the NSFW content will only be allowed to share their work with a cap of 3,000 people unless they go through the added step of making a private group or issuing guest passes, that really pisses me off.

Maybe I am just ranting about this because what really crawled up my ass and died is not appropriate material for my blog. And I really shouldn't be thinking about it anyway. So I have been told. The above photo ended up being layer upon layer of appropriate for this day, week and maybe even this year. Not to mention ridiculously popular on flickr. And terrifying to my mother. In other news. The JOINTS hit the wall like a knee to the head this Sunday night, opening on Thursday the 8th. Mugshots @ 2100 Fairmount Ave! 6.30-8.30pm!! Free food!!


You. Know. You. Want. To.

rosette © Laura Kicey

And tomorrow Mr. D and I start salivating in preparation for embracing Wilkes-Barre with our mouths and eyes. K! We are coming!! Save some pork for me!! Use powers of positive thought to combat snow and ice!

Back to your regularly scheduled fretting about shit.

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