Thursday, July 22, 2010

coming down the mountain

While I can press pause on the weights on my mind for a few days by way of mojito consumption, cooking delightful meals for the family in a (well-appointed mind you!) double wide out in the middle of mountainous nowhere, feeding posses of dumb but cute white-tailed deer cantaloupe, and soaking in the jacuzzi... I can just as easily pick up right where I left off in a neck-deep hole of worries that I can't really see the end of just yet. So I have a cloud over me and it makes me not want to write just now. So I won't. In the meantime, enjoy some photographs from the weird getaway.

From the Eckley coal pit... where the black sand beaches of Vík, Iceland meet the birch forests of Sweden.

fire and ash
fire and ash © Laura Kicey

greens and white
greens and white © Laura Kicey

coal and sky
coal and sky © Laura Kicey

dress this earth
dress this earth © Laura Kicey

hill and dale
hill and dale © Laura Kicey

divining © Laura Kicey

sweden meet vík
sweden meet vík © Laura Kicey

In the neighborhood of where I laid my head for a few nights...

launch © Laura Kicey

my deers
my deers © Laura Kicey

the coop
the coop © Laura Kicey

Out toward Bloomsburg, a hoarders paradise, some nice palimpsest, and an abandoned miniature golf course moments before the lightning touched down and drove us away cowering....

first inn flight
first in flight © Laura Kicey

slot machines / condoms
slot machines / condoms © Laura Kicey

shut eyes
shut eyes © Laura Kicey

holding a candle to it
holding a candle to it © Laura Kicey

argyle © Laura Kicey

amenities hall
amenities hall © Laura Kicey

home on the range
home on the range © Laura Kicey

rhododendron road
rhododendron road © Laura Kicey

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