Monday, January 24, 2011

moving and shivering

It has been nearly 8 years since I last moved. It didn't really count when I moved to the apartment across the hall in the same house. This move is only slightly further by about 5 blocks, but a greater leap in that I actually have to process stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in that long. A lot of weird history has shaken loose along with some corroded batteries stuck to the bottom of every drawer I get to the bottom of (who keeps old dead batteries? me, it seems). I've found emails printed out from 2000-2003 which were strangely enlightening. And photographs of a girl I hardly recognized: me.

Though 2010 ended with a mostly quiet thud, 2011 has been going splendidly. Like, unbelievably well. Besides moving into The Most Amazing House Ever with Goldberg in a couple weeks, so many other cool things have been happening– most of which I can't discuss yet and I can't release the visuals yet (in time!). Instead I will leave you with some quick snaps of my fabulous house-to-be by night (only the downstairs but the rest is as colorful) and some images from a very recent revisiting of Thyme House last week for a (top secret) portrait session. I finally got to see the entire house (well - there are still undiscovered rooms unfolding behinds its endless doors, half floors and labyrinthine stairs) much to my delight. The contrast of these two houses - both empty is a bit jarring, but one is much more livable in the present tense, the other, I remain hopeful for...

Just before the year came to a close - I had the opportunity to see a live performance of a group that has haunted me since my youth – Mummenschanz – as well as photograph them and write a review of the show for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: thumb up
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: toilet paper tears
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: rejection
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: tape expressions
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: tubes, thinking
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

mummenschanz: playing catch
© Laura Kicey for Philly Weekly

We also had the peculiar experience of looking at one other house for rent I had been driving by on my way to a temp job... I couldn't tell if I was drawn to it because it seemed like exactly what we were looking for or if it was because it looked a little run down and sad as though it had been abandoned. As fate would have it when we saw the inside of it, it clearly had been vacant for quite some time and was still barely livable. The general set-up of the house is quite like the one we are moving into and for $100/month more - we get to live like colorful kings - in the *second* house we looked at. 4BR/1.5 BA, 3 floors, a yard, a deck, gardens and TREES!, hardwood floors, a sunroom, COLOR!, a huge kitchen, a huge dining room with a gigantic dining room table that can seat 10 comfortably....

A sneak peek of our new Amazing House-to-Be:

upstairs hall

foyer and living room

the stained glass glows magenta and chartreuse by day!!

dining room

living room II

the hanging stained glass windows in the living room STAY!

foyer II

WHAT an entrance

and now for Thyme House...

golden hour
golden hour © Laura Kicey

pillaging © Laura Kicey (in the attic!)

phantom suns
phantom suns © Laura Kicey

the second and a halfth floor
the second and a halfth floor © Laura Kicey

fire and wine
fire and wine © Laura Kicey

chambermaid © Laura Kicey

the shower
the shower © Laura Kicey

(the floor was covered in old-fashioned sanitary napkins... quite bizarre)

overlooking the garden
overlooking the garden © Laura Kicey

twist © Laura Kicey

sentry © Laura Kicey

stripped © Laura Kicey

And in the interim all we've had (besides good fortune) is a continuous dumping of snow, snow and more snow. And some Mummers, of course.

spill © Laura Kicey

dream house
dream house © Laura Kicey

island © Laura Kicey

blanket © Laura Kicey

pickup © Laura Kicey

the orphan sun
the orphan sun © Laura Kicey

tried and true
tried and true © Laura Kicey

serpentine I
serpentine I © Laura Kicey

stillwater © Laura Kicey

wind chill
windchill © Laura Kicey

pizza parlor
pizza parlor © Laura Kicey

down on the corner
down on the corner © Laura Kicey

the iron tree III
the iron tree III © Laura Kicey

Mum's the word.....

mummers - crowd

mummers - parade

mummers - crowd

mummers - crowd

mummers - parade

plush © Laura Kicey
(not snow, just giving the cat a haircut)

I believe I almost neglected to post my newest construct:

before the fall
before the fall © Laura Kicey

And I would like to also note that I have put my etsy shop on vacation mode for the time being - at least until all this moving business is all sorted, and would like to direct you, instead, to my new (low-maintenance for me!) RedBubble storefront - which has the added benefit of 2011 CALENDARS! Along side prints - the calendars come in THREE great flavors: constructs! iceland! and wild abandon!

Hope this is plenty to tide you over until I start making some more noise in approximately March... stay warm!

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