Thursday, December 29, 2011

out with a bang

Scarcely pausing to draw breath these last six months, I've been shooting almost non-stop, making images I am truly proud of. I visited Iceland, the Salton Sea, Vegas, Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Park, the Mojave Desert and some amazing places locally.

egrets & antlers
egrets & antlers © Laura Kicey

distant relations
distant relations © Laura Kicey

fox dry mode
fox dry mode © Laura Kicey

family of four
family of four © Laura Kicey

giants in miniature
giants in miniature © Laura Kicey

into the sunset
into the sunset © Laura Kicey

cook © Laura Kicey

god love bible
god love bible © Laura Kicey

rungs © Laura Kicey

our place
our place © Laura Kicey

sunburn © Laura Kicey

pelican brief
pelican brief © Laura Kicey

Most recently I became a contributor to Hidden City Philadelphia and my last assignment led me to making arrangements with the Philadelphia Port Authority to tour and make a photo essay of the soon-to-be-demolished Mustin housing in the south Philadelphia Navy Yard.

brick barracks (50s)
brick housing (50s) © Laura Kicey

community center/daycare facility
community center/daycare facility © Laura Kicey

And this lead quite unexpectedly to meeting up with WHYY/NewWorks reporter Emma Jacobs for a conversation about my experience there and about exploring abandoned places in general, which will be airing on the radio (!!!!) Friday (tomorrow!), December 30, 2011 between 6-7pm EST. If you are not local to Philadelphia, you can listen to WHYY here live. They will also be showing some of my photos from the Navy Yard online as well as a video of the interview, in which I look like a hot mess. I was expecting to be making a videotaped appearance that day, I was expecting to be shooting outdoors in the rain and dressed accordingly. Oh well.

To cleanse your eyes of such things, I offer a slideshow of the best of 2011:

(better viewed on flickr)

There is so much I missed posting about these last few months, including one of my Lensbaby photos being featured in a full page ad for the Sweet 35 running in most popular photography magazines for the past couple months! but! to make up for my lack of presence a bit, I am having a 2012 calendar giveaway. I try to lay low for Christmas, but the New Year I can get into, so to celebrate I am giving away two calendars. All you have to do is leave a comment saying you would like to be entered in the drawing - you can do so here on the blog, on my Facebook Fanpage, or an reply to @helveticaneu on twitter. One entry per person, one winner per household. You must enter by midnight EST, December 31, 2011. The drawing will be January 1, 2012. You can pick whichever calendar you like from my redbubble shop.

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Your photos are amazing. Really.

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