Thursday, November 29, 2007


Finally my cecum is done screeching great whelps of joy, or perhaps sorrow, upon refilling with unholy foodstuffs. It is curious to me how my gut can feel normal most of the time and then when I get these gross tests to see if anything is wrong with me, the prep for said tests makes me feel sicker than the actual sickness (which I may or may not have), would. I do indeed have a little cold but as soon as I ate I started feeling much much better. Of course, Jell-O doesn't really heal anything. The cold isn't gone but should be by the time I am drowning in a hospital gown again next week.

enterprising © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Today I am bundled ala Artic Explorer, with no less than three layers of clothing on most parts of my person. This last weekend gave us our first snowfall and today we are having something resembling a small snowstorm but it has petered out already. Before I had the chance to take out my new baby for a stroll in it. I dove headlong into purchasing another major bit of equipment in less than 6 months. 5D. Mine. Now.

It is larger than my face even without a battery grip. It will take some getting used to, though when I worked on Sarah Beaver's stylist portfolio this last summer and shot with one, it was deeeeeelightful. If nothing else, I feel like I have an enormous penis and will not be threatened by anyone's equipment. Less excuses on my part. And hopefully more work.

santa clara
santa clara © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

As much as I love winter, I have a deep-seated fear of giving bad gifts and the misery associated with the holiday at large. I can handle the family mingling and stuffings, the traffic, the congested stores, even the music.... but awkward company holiday parties boost the Dread Level up to near yearly review heights. This might be an inflammation of the hermit, especially since the one coworker I once had in earshot has moved to a desk where I can neither see nor hear him. So, like when I first started working here, I am once again basically alone in the attic, kept company only by the occasional ring of the phone.

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To reduce the need to actually go to a store and shop with intention of making progress towards gifting I did ALL of my shopping online and in two days. And my gift for Mr. D, (which we will actually 'share'), actually has me kind of ....ok, practically beside myself. It will require a day trip and some finagling, which I think will come post-holidays. The combination of this and our pending New Yearsish road trip, which will take us across the Canadian border if there is no snow, or back down south, echoing last year, leaving the snow to pelt our backs. While we cannot avoid the second wave of Fattacks completely, we can buffer ourselves by tempering them with live-on-the-slim escapades. West Virginia.... maybe, Kentucky? And perhaps spend a touch more time in Delaware, which is not technically The South, just south in relation to where I stand. But full of truly bizarre things with no sales tax. I've witnessed the vast array of flea marketry via friend's photographic escapades, but can they match the magic of a place like Renninger's that has an auction where the bids go down and down to $0.50 before people will consider biting.... more of a garage sale with a fast-talking announcer? Expect a full report.

mothership © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Tomorrow, if the roads are no longer mirror-slick, I will be wrapping up my shooting for the recent editorial photo job.... taking me to the farthest polar ends of the Philly suburbs. Though it remains a little challenging, I am still really into the assignment. Tonight, I must rub the brain cells furiously together to think of interesting things to do in the dark with my tall dark stranger camera. I will try to avoid putting absurd objects, curtains etc, on my head. No promises.

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Hi..i just happened upon your blog, and I really like your photographs! you have an amazing sense of color. excellent work

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