Thursday, September 27, 2007


To find that an entire day spent chugging cup after cup of warm broth and snack cup after snack cup of synthetic fruit-like flavored jello, was a day pointlessly spent doing so, brought me to what is now the peak of pleasure of all of my healthcare related experiences thus far.

laust in lustin
laust in lustin © Laura Kicey and Dustin Fenstermacher. All Rights Reserved.

Juice fast day and pleasant purge night was a grand ol' time. Cos there is nothing I love more than waking up hourly to the howl of my guts screaming we are digesting ourselves! feed us! run, laura!!! Rolling out of bed at 5:30am to get to the hospital at 7:30 to be told that even though you put in a referral for this last week, it isn't any good at this particular hospital. Your insurance says, you have to have diagnostics done at this other hospital. Y'know, the one that you aren't at right now and don't have an appointment for. Oh but if you really want to do it today, you can for $900.

amour © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

In the intermediate mush and shuffle of calling doctor's offices, insurance people, admissions, etc. while incoherent from no sleep or food, unable to verbalize a thought clearly, I got slightly hysterical while attempting to straighten things out with Ass Doctor's administrative assistant. She was kind enough to hide me from the waiting room and ply me with tissues and reassurance.

The great news is, I got to go to Cereality for breakfast. The bad news is I have to fast/purge all over again on Sunday for a first thing Monday am procedure (fo'reals this time) at the hospital where I won't go deeply into debt when paying. Noting the complete and utterly wasted day, I decided after I partially refueled on a concoction of Cheerios, Special K, peaches and walnuts that I would go get my hair fixed. And so I did. Then I went to Jones and ate my face off, because when you forcibly hollow yourself out, you find that you are damn near bottomless for quite some time following. Next up, chicken noodle soup to fix, with one fell swoop, my disastrous roast chicken from Tuesday night and my cold that is still lingering onwards.

I took a photo on my way out of work on Wednesday, but I haven't even processed it, so I give you instead, my most recent wall and a holga double exposure from over a year and a half ago, one shot that Dustin took of me against the sky and one that I took of him laying on the ground, superimposed over each other, with Nardell's camera. He just got it developed and sent it to me this week. And I think it is pretty neat for being a complete accident/exposing us for having not an analog bone in our bodies.

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