Saturday, November 17, 2007


Oh the vast secrets doctors keep. Those wiley, legalized villains. Just like auto mechanics. You bring this confusing broken machinery to them and they tell you they can fix it, but they don't always feel the need to really explain. Anything. Until after the fact. Or maybe ever.

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I'm on a streak it seems. I am completely incapable of asking the right questions so that I find out what I need to know. Every ball is then a curve ball. When the doc wound up to pitch this week, he starts off by telling me to take my business off, which would follow the reasoning from two weeks ago: infection is better, time to take action. Great! No. Infection is better. Yes! Put your clothes back on.

I like to keep the device in at least three months before 'taking any definitive action to heal this'. Uhm. What?



Curiously he had never mentioned this three month plan. Not in any of the five-ish times I have seen him, before, during, or after insertion of said device.

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So apparently I've discovered what the norm is to be for at least the next two months. Then, when we get to that vague point, we'll decide what the best plan of action is. Which may not be Tightening at all.

On the way to the hospital I managed to get some shots of buildings in West Philly for the constructs. But the morning was so shrouded in fog I put off my Valley Forge hike until my next day off.

The much anticipated Friday Off began in comically messy fashion. The variety I wish I could blame on the cat, involving excesses of water, potting soil and kitty litter... and lots of scrubbing. Spotting a hint of sunlight in the moody sky, I decided to explore Valley Forge.

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The light on the drive there was phenomenal. Silver blue and spotlight intense on full autumnal foliage. Which immediately dissipated as I got out of the car. And reappeared when I got back in. And appeared in this way for the next two hours. I put on my Mother Nature frock and got in touch with decaying leaf matter and bare branches.


Until I got called into work. And suddenly I was plugged back into my electric body for the rest of the day. Back together again.

Having started this period of 'doing nothing', I will be continually looking for ways to alternately do something. Dodging raindrops has been it lately. Two weeks until my colonoscopy which I am apparently well enough to bear so perhaps we can rule out Crohns, IBS or whatever it is Ass Doc decides to pull out of his own backside.

winds change
winds change © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Despite the mental and physical squirming, I am more than ready to give Thanks I haven't completely lost my voice, even if it isn't quite what it once was.

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