Tuesday, January 16, 2007


LAB magazine - live. learn. repeat. ISSUE 0.5
cover of LAB magazine featuring amphibious © Laura Kicey
design Joseph Robertson

It is everything I wish for in most magazines... where most fail, LAB comes in and save the day. Not long after it was due for release, here it is. Brainchild of Joseph Roberston, fellow flickrer. He kindly put my photo on the cover and re-ran my article on self-portraiture inside. Everyone should immediately go and e-grab the first issue of LAB magazine. I ordered one off Lulu so as to get a hard copy and support this amazing project.

Every time I write now I have to fall all over myself apologizing for being such a slacker with the blog. It is one of those nutty backward spells where I am shooting precious little, but making large forward leaps in projects such as LAB nad joints which facilitate past work. I've been chaffing at the bit to write a little about my New Year's excursion down the coast to North Carolina. So here is a lil something...

Things I have learned.

1) No matter where you go, all children are on wheels now. This makes me feel very old and I worry that if they come out with an adult version of these shoes I will perish in a terrible accident in attempts to 'keep up'.

labor © Laura Kicey

2) Wave. And no matter what you are doing, you can pass it off as innocent. Even undressing in public.

eardrum © Laura Kicey

3) 'Collapsing' and 'abandoned' are not mutually inclusive states. Still. Damn it. Same with 'cheap' and 'good'. Especially when applied to hotels in either case.

the deep end
the deep end © Laura Kicey

4) Insanity in a socially acceptable package is no less amazing. I had flashbacks to Violet Hobaugh

flocking © Laura Kicey

5) Alfred Hitchcock might have been from the South if he wasn't already British. I came from farmland. We had nowhere near this amount of bird mass. It was terrifying. And as a semi-closeted bird nerd kinda exciting.

soiree © Laura Kicey

So Mr. D and I have finally finished curating the joints show, I sent out press releases to all the local papers. I've got to order frames and prints yet this week. Bundles of people are expected to turn up. I am still getting that nauseous-everyone-I-want-to-talk-to-is-here-but-can-only-take-2-minutes-with-each feeling. Two hours and over 30 people we know, plus the random ones we don't who pop in.

In other news, another photo was published on FILE and JPG published the following photo for their Tourist theme included in Issue 7:

vacational © Laura Kicey

In other publiciziziztationings... The band Mr. D plays with, Night Train to Terror in the short time I have been acquainted with them have grown on me immensely. Like a tumor. They make me shake my ass while I shoot them. They played Small's in Harrisburg last Saturday night and have an upcoming show in Lewisburg and Tuesday Tunes (I think) this Friday night, January 19th. If you are out in the middle of nowhere, come out and support!!!

engine © Laura Kicey

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Anonymous Joseph Robertson said...

You're far too kind. Thanks for the mega-plug.

Some of your recent work is... how should I put this delicately... fan-friggin-tastic!

6:02 PM, January 20, 2007  

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