Monday, November 26, 2007

the quick and the fast.

In stark contrast to the normal holiday-time consumption, today is juice fast day, preparation for tomorrow's party in my pants. My boss chose today as the day to take the office to lunch to celebrate a coworker's birthday. I am mustering the juice to go and sit at a table of food I cannot eat. Or the juice to say I really don't want to go. Mostly the latter. I went to the local Crapme once when fasting and just about lost my mind, as every time I lost focus on why I was there, buying soap or somesuch, I would get lost in weird food fantasies about food I don't even like much. Oh lawdy, kaiser rolls, how golden your fluffy flavors must be! Please just come rest on my tongue for a minute, I promise to bite!

mediium © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Without going into detail, last week's foray into Central PA was dramatic to say the least. Everyone in the broad family circles managed to escape the grip of death, which considering the amount of ambulance rides and car failures, was no easy task. Likewise Mr. D and I managed to consume an absolute minimum of edible evil, though it required a late night trek on Thanksgiving night to a (cringe) 24-hour Walmart to procure fruits and things of a whole-grainy nature to fill massive dietary chasms left by pork fat, cheese, heavy cream and crisco.

I am distracted now by the stomach which has started making withered creaking noises. More juice! More writing!

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To escape the hammer of fat from coming down squarely upon us, we spent as much time out of the house as possible. Which included frolicking in the crimson leaves in the yard and a visit to that favorite Poorest Town in Pennsylvania, Shamokin. The land of infinite bizarre architectural possibility. The yokels must have been caught up under the girth of Thanksgiving bellies, unable or willing to come out of their homes, because not one person harassed us for taking photos.

interpretive architecture
interpretive architecture © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Aside: After making some 15 phones calls, most of them today, to people who were fairly to completely useless, I have finally been able to determine that my medical referral for my insurance company is 'in the system' at the hospital it is supposed to be at. Every time I go to this hospital it seems five people must lose or ignore the referral prior to it actually getting put in the system. Thankfully I have only pulled part of my hair out in an inconspicuous place. Love my insurance. Carry on

Next to that aside:I just got word that I am being commissioned to build a wall for an editorial piece in a local magazine. I am squealing like a wee little girl.

underpinnings © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

Next to the nearby aside's aside: I just got a call back from the doctor to say there will be no party in my pants until you are done with your cold, see you on December 14th. I think I may have to try writing this when there is a little smaller frenetic whirlwind going on around me. Commence eating! I will return to finish this thought with another entry soon!

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