Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Coincidental with my last post about feeling like an animal, I started the morning this morning with receipt of something like a death threat from an ALF zealot, who had decided that I was responsible for killing some deer whose heads appear taxidermied next to a gothic panel of the Madonna and child at an antiques market. That I also worship Satan for putting God with murder. Etc. Mentioning on her flickr profile that "i would not hesitate to wipe out a animal killer or abuser, in seconds flat and i would give you no mercy, just watch you die".

escapade © Laura Kicey

Meanwhile, back in the land where I am just slightly ill rather than completely dead for crimes I didn't commit, I went to the doctor today. My specialist. And it turns out that the health epiphany (which I am too lazy to link to) was pretty much on the money. However to clear up the mystery of where it stems from exactly, so as to make it operable, I need to first undergo an Exam Under Anaesthesia. As exam while conscious this afternoon made me shriek and contort in an unhelpful manner. I feel rather odd having been handed the health answer by my mother, an LPN, who never even examined me. What does this say about my doctor? I mean I think self-diagnosing is creepy, but if your doctor can't be bothered to figure out what is wrong with you what choices are there?

underwritten © Laura Kicey

After lurking about the hospital for almost 2 hours in varying states of undress, I rolled on home and the little cold I've been nursing since yesterday let loose a spike of fever and I got chills I couldn't shake for an hour. But I am feeling much better now. So much so that I have promised Mr. The Dust and myself that we are going to Land of Infinite Amusement tomorrow. I will go wall shopping amidst cotton candy feasts, and tea cup whirl abouts. If ALF doesn't bleed me dry first.

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Blogger Michael K. said...

Wow, I guess you're a public figure now that you're receiving death threats. I continue to be charmed by the egregious violations in basic moral logic perpetuated by idiots like your ALF buddy, anti-abortion activists, etc. Although Wikipedia says ALF is almost completely non-violent, looks like your new best friend has other, though probably spurious, ideas. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

More importantly, I hope you get over your cold and the Other Thing, and soon.

1:14 AM, August 23, 2007  

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