Tuesday, December 19, 2006

seen and making a tussle

left behind
left behind © Laura Kicey

I know I've been quiet. And I know I've not been shooting. Its the holidays and I have precious little to do at work. But this just made my whole day. Back in June when I went to visit San Francisco, I toook a walk with infamous photoblogger Thomas Hawk. Our run-in with a security guard at 50 Beale just made it into Wired Magazine

chord © Laura Kicey

In other news I will be having an arts feature interview/article on the Photos d'Kicey this winter in Lifestyles. It is a regional magazine for the Philadelphia area. Its rather posh I've been told. I will be interviewed by fellow Kutztown Communication Design grad Shannon Collins, who has some pretty cool work of her own.

hanging tough
hanging tough © Laura Kicey

The Divine Lorraine showing at Yards Brewery was a raging success, the turnout was insanely strong and I got to see a bevvy of people I had not talked to in ages which was lovely. Dustin and I are complete dorks, witness! My friend Miss Plum even had a sale. Go Plum!

Currently I am hiding away in the attic waiting for my next opportunity to shoot during daylight hours, being cranky and nervous in the meantime over matters I am not at liberty to discuss. In lieu of shooting I've been working on some illustrations of cats for gifts...

luna cat
luna cat © Laura Kicey

Holiday cheer for all! Go 2007!

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Blogger Shannon said...

aww, shucks. thanks for the wee plug!

i just e-mailed you, but i thought i'd stop by here to say hello and wish you a belated happy holidays :)

12:05 PM, December 27, 2006  

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