Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It has happened again. The image which has become my third most popular on flickr, which also happens to be great for selling camera equipment and the idea of women and photography with the right amount of sex and strange cold nerdy android robot fetishy-ness has been usurped once more.

I'm back in San Fran. Not by choice.
© Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang

This time, My friend K was walking around downtown San Fran on Market Street, when she passes one of those tourist trappish camera shops located at 943 Market Street. Only before full pass-by occurs she notices an 8x10 of me in my photographic garb hanging in the front window. So she decides she should shoot this for posterity and to get the address, as I might want to have a chat with these folks. The owner comes charging out at her and tells her she doesn't have permission to take photographs of his shop (from the sidewalk, I would like to add). She cooly replies 'I wonder if you have permission to use that photograph you have hanging in the window of your shop as I happen to know that photographer personally.' Flustered, he threatens to call the police. She saunters off. He makes the call and starts following her. Eventually giving up.

A woman who is part of a Yahoo! forum on women in stock photography asked to use it. I granted permission. If you have been following along at all, you will know that it was recently nicked by Nerve for one of their photo contest newsletters. Its original usage was in Picture Business magazine with an interview about how flickr feedback has changed my photo equipment buying patterns, and those of the photo-sharing community at large.

Now that I have seen its usage in the shop (which I have now posted), thanks to the handy shooting of Ms. K it is indeed the Picture Business page hanging up in the window. It is still an unauthorized commercial usage of my photograph and a copyright infringement. And it gets me down, because where there is one, there are more. Fortunately, the didn't cut off the credit.

Otherwise this day has been quite normal. Starting with the effects of the intense thunderstorms last night, the power was out at work and I didn't have to show up as it wasn't expected back on until tomorrow. Though I did eventually have to go to work for an hour at the end of the day... I later went to dine on sushi with a friend and came home to strange alarms sounding. Apparently while I was out a brigade of fireman had been and gone, arriving within two minutes of our alarm going off, to fight the fire that was not there. Fortunately my house, its cat and contents are all still here and unharmed. The alarm was likely fussing over our shorter power outage here on the home front, but at least I know what to listen for in the event of an actual fire. Having driven around a great deal of the county today running errands, the damages were really pretty bad. Trees down and debris everywhere, PennDot and PECO out in force.... terrible traffic due to rerouting around trees and downed powerlines.

It seems like a good time to go to bed right now as I have managed to avert major disasters for the day.

EDIT I talked to the magazine and apparently the shop can display any page they like, so long as they do not actually sell the page. This is not so joyous.


Blogger Jaume (a.k.a Marco Tulio Thrash) said...

Hey, I know what you mean when you say it's getting you down.

I had some of party pictures used without permission by Dior. Not that I hold them in any high esteem but you wouldn't think they would behave like some teenager just ripping pictures off the internet!



6:22 PM, July 23, 2006  

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