Tuesday, July 11, 2006

temporary suspension of disbelief: otherwise known as optimism

looking forward
looking forward © Laura Kicey

So many fears that I had been carefully building up over the last couple of weeks dissipated in minutes and hours. Sitting on my pleather chair that made obscene farty noises as I shifted sweatily in my seat at the Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, I found something to believe in. Some choices were already made going in, naturally, I had picked my lot. I have never been a salesman... but I made the decision that if I can convince myself that what I have before me is worth being excited about, someone may believe me.

weathering © Laura Kicey

Determined, I smiled, laughed, caught eyes, engaged, greeted, offered words. Occasionally I panicked, no surprise as that comes slightly more naturally to me. I tried to only do that when I was hiding under the table preparing prints to fill in the sold gaps... Dustin and I exchanging wide-eyed stares of frustration as people seemed on the very verge of purchase and then walked away. But I pulled it back together and faced it again, unwavering.

re-entry © Laura Kicey

And somehow it worked. And it kept on working past that too.

a long way down
a long way down © Laura Kicey

One way you look at it, you are falling, another, you are flying. I can be convinced either way if the argument is good.

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and let me work my voodoo on them.


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