Friday, July 14, 2006

something borrowed, something blue

recoil © Laura Kicey

So I've been sitting here for a bit, not knowing where to start for ten minutes now. Well, ice breaker photo: flower macro. I hate doing flower macros, I'm not normally keen on looking at them and am mostly embarrassed to show them to anyone when I do do them. But the subject suits the topic of the day which I am lumbering closer to. So first the better-news. Dustin and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow, suddenly. One of my coworkers called me today to inform me his friend is getting married tomorrow. And their photographer flaked out last minute. And asked me if I would step in as I apparently 'want to do that kind of thing'. I'm not particularly interested in ruining what is often considered one of the most important days in many peoples' lives, regardless of my ambivalence about ever having one myself. But after a medium-sized fret-fest, we agreed to do it... meanwhile we'll be soiling ourselves with great frequency.

So then there is the bad-bad news. My very good friend K, who in the past year since I've met her (almost to the day) has shown me so much, new corners of the world and things about myself I had not realized, who is a very talented photographer and a generous spirit, found out that after a series of failed surgeries, her eye still is not holding together as it should. The next step is a giant leap and thinking about it breaks my heart.

I need to go close my eyes now.


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