Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Seizing the only moments of rainless evening we've had for nearly a week... possibly more, I decided to take a bath. I mean, a walk. Well, it became a bath. Armed with camera and the most dubiously held together umbrella, I took approximately seven shots, most of which are not in focus due to camerashake in the miserable light and then the heavens opened and wet my pants. Among other things.

survivors © Laura Kicey

So today I received the curious assessment that I should start praying. I'm not sure how this determination was made, regardless I am supposed to have a lesson in praying with the rosary on Thursday. I am to have a 'woman to woman' with Mary. I am completely bewildered but am powerless to say no in this situation.

One last note, I am about to start running diagnostic crap on my machine and then optimize my churning, crunching, disagreeable drive... then install Tiger, finally. While I am hoping I will be back up in no time, me manning the tech stuff is a little dicey on the best of days.


Blogger Kyuboem said...

praying? sounds intriguing. :-)

6:14 AM, June 28, 2006  

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