Friday, May 26, 2006

brighter brights

International Paper ran a contest a few months ago. They sent out a mailer with one of those very-retro-grandma shower caps covered with colorful plastic flowers. You were to photograph yourself or coworkers or whomever wearing this cap in an image that shows how their new really-white paper shows off colors to their best advantage.

So I won. I get a plaque and an iPod Nano which I am giving to Patty as her's was lifted out of her pocket somewhere in Madrid and I doubt I would ever use it. I get nervous when I am out walking and can't hear the sounds around me. Tangents. Here is the photo:

pop © Laura Kicey

This means I will possibly be appearing on paper promos future which is nice. But I somehow doubt I will be credited. And ultimately kinda bummed about that, though I knew going in. Hooray for the second backward win of the week.

I feel like going to Asbury Park this weekend. Get some sand in my schlitz. We'll see.


Blogger Jon said...

patty will be elated for sure! oh how she misses the ipod...

take care, neue...

7:19 AM, May 28, 2006  

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