Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Eight months ago in South Philly, I was out with three friends when we were robbed at gunpoint.

Gosh. I really did miss him, our robber. Though my passion for tacos has since drawn me back to the general hood (Tacqueria La Veracruzana people, their tacos make me cry, it is beautiful). Back then, we were told that the trial would be held about eight weeks after the hearing. That would have put the trial.... oh.... in January sometime.

So the D.A. called me today and said I should be looking for a subpoena in the mail. Again. June 19th. Trial! Oh yeah. Tickled all over again. I'm rather hoping that I can find a way to worm out of this seeing as I was that useless 'witness'. The one so concentrated on the $1500 worth of brand new camera equipment strapped to her back that she made a point of not looking at our assailant. While I would have been the 'most credible,' probably, being the only person among us who hadn't had anything to drink while we were out.

Useless. Unable to pick him out of lineup or from photos.

climb © Laura Kicey

So. Anyway. The evening was otherwise pretty great: girl talk and camera nerd-out over 7 kinds of lentils. Intoxicated with the spices, I think I agreed to one or both of the following: playing ultimate frisbee and watching 8 1/2. I can't be sure if there weren't other security breaches.

So I did not get to take out my new toy, though I did sit in my purple-trimmed attic niche this afternoon and kick some awesome spy work, surveying walkers' pimples on the street below. So while I was taking an uncharacteristic TV break this evening (I have to get caught up on 24, c'mon), I was, naturally, spooning my camera on the couch and took a couple of shots. They're at 800ISO, but it is seriously dark in here and Maggs is, by no means, a steady subject. But whew did that IS nail it. No tripod!

wildlife © Laura Kicey

Sha. Zaam. Maggs, sitting about 15 feet away from me on the floor of the Nothing Room here, had been kicking her elbows, then became completely transfixed by the whir of the lens' motor and seem paralyzed while I focused. Then she had to come over and investigate.

Wow I am mastering the art of airbrush self-tanning on the news. Hush up, I'm concentrating.


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