Wednesday, November 30, 2005

feast and famine

I have been out of touch, at least in the e-sense, as I have been reviving and driving, for six, count 'em, 6 WHOLE days.

vacational © Laura Kicey

Finding my way to places I've never been.

tracking © Laura Kicey

Central Pennsyvania is a wealth of untapped photographic gold. Plans to return are in the making. I found a place that, in its empty way, welcomed me. Many adventures were had.

lasting impressions
lasting impressions © Laura Kicey

Shamokin, though impoverished, tells amazing tales with it worn walls and muddy streets. The season's first snow had fallen when I woke up in Boiling Springs this Thanksgiving, and I was far too warmed to leave the house. No regrets.

smoking © Laura Kicey

Stepping upon tense ground in Centralia, breathing uncertain air while the snow bit at my toes and wind pulled at our faces was a strange affirmation. Things to share. He took me there. We covered miles upon miles.

underfoot © Laura Kicey

New Jersey. No. I'm sorry. I've tried. I had great hopes, but I can't like it. I don't want to go back. The message was loud and clear: We don't want you here, go back to PA. Standing in a bar parking lot in broad daylight, openly and without hesitation, camera in hand is a threatening act, apparently.

'What're you two doing?'

'Taking photographs.'

'That's the wrong answer. I'm calling the cops.'

bridge © Laura Kicey

If only I knew what the question really was.

At the end, I found my way home. And I was thankful.

take cover
take cover © Laura Kicey


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