Wednesday, November 30, 2005

feast and famine

I have been out of touch, at least in the e-sense, as I have been reviving and driving, for six, count 'em, 6 WHOLE days.

vacational © Laura Kicey

Finding my way to places I've never been.

tracking © Laura Kicey

Central Pennsyvania is a wealth of untapped photographic gold. Plans to return are in the making. I found a place that, in its empty way, welcomed me. Many adventures were had.

lasting impressions
lasting impressions © Laura Kicey

Shamokin, though impoverished, tells amazing tales with it worn walls and muddy streets. The season's first snow had fallen when I woke up in Boiling Springs this Thanksgiving, and I was far too warmed to leave the house. No regrets.

smoking © Laura Kicey

Stepping upon tense ground in Centralia, breathing uncertain air while the snow bit at my toes and wind pulled at our faces was a strange affirmation. Things to share. He took me there. We covered miles upon miles.

underfoot © Laura Kicey

New Jersey. No. I'm sorry. I've tried. I had great hopes, but I can't like it. I don't want to go back. The message was loud and clear: We don't want you here, go back to PA. Standing in a bar parking lot in broad daylight, openly and without hesitation, camera in hand is a threatening act, apparently.

'What're you two doing?'

'Taking photographs.'

'That's the wrong answer. I'm calling the cops.'

bridge © Laura Kicey

If only I knew what the question really was.

At the end, I found my way home. And I was thankful.

take cover
take cover © Laura Kicey

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


reiteration © Laura Kicey

I never expected this. Or for it to be so very good.

Forgive us these colorful trepasses... every one was worth it.

loose translation
loose translation © Laura Kicey

brittle © Laura Kicey

awakening © Laura Kicey

Let's hear it for awesome partners in crime

Thursday, November 17, 2005



I've lost track of the number of times I've been pleasantly surprised and moved in the past week. I had forgotten what this was like. Time for sleeping... living, standing, falling, leaving, returning, saying yes.

all hands on the bad one

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Every time is the first time.

misleading © Laura Kicey

And the last.

fleeting © Laura Kicey

I will not pass it up.

sundays © Laura Kicey

Monday, November 14, 2005

gut reactions

There was a new moon. Everything was different by the light of it.

lunar plexus
lunar plexus © Laura Kicey

Even the days were brighter.

all right
all right © Laura Kicey

Thursday, November 10, 2005


It feels like winter today. The wind cut right through my sweater and quickened the steps to work.

The many travels commence this weekend. West Chester, Reading, Lancaster, NYC, DC..... the wind at my back, friends before me. Things will be better than they were before...

sideswipe © Laura Kicey

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Get me a good stiff drunk bartender.

whiskey © Laura Kicey

Then take me out back and shoot me.

the getaway car
getaway car © Laura Kicey

Plant something pretty on my grave, will ya?

gusts © Laura Kicey

Monday, November 07, 2005


the dragon's lair
the dragon's lair © Laura Kicey

Time to vacate the premises. Time to reclaim some ground.

dust to dust
dust to dust © Laura Kicey

To simplify. To remember what I was trying to forget.

checking for a pulse
checking for a pulse © Laura Kicey

To make something good out of the things I hate.

retelling © Laura Kicey

Friday, November 04, 2005


Yesterday was three days in one, three mostly good days. Court was... the very definition of inefficiency. Waiting. Waiting some more. Listening to a plethora of other cases while sitting in the back row tittering with the kids, the judge sassing the newbie public defenders. Sat amongst the motley mix of criminals, witnesses and victims. A total of nine witnesses showed up for our case. We chose Diana to testify on our behalf. And there she stood before the judge, four feet from our robber and retold the story. In a few weeks I will have to return for the lineup and see him again, myself. In about two months we'll all be back for the trial.

leading the witness
leading the witness © Laura Kicey

That morning I drove through North Philly in a hopeless attempt to avoid traffic on the blue route... hitting it on Broad Street instead. Sometimes... I wish for red lights and bumper-to-bumper, for reasons like this:

erase © Laura Kicey

Got tipsy at Jones with Diana afterwards. Mac 'n' cheese and mango mojitos! Shopped. Lopped off the locks and they are in fantastic form. Felt like new.... tonight Ms. K comes to visit for the weekend. Work is already (fairly) well squared away and I'll get to go out and shoot this afternoon for a job. The rare smile emerges. And stays.

mixed signals
mixed signals © Laura Kicey

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Originally uploaded by mezone.

protect your chin!

airing out

Last night I finally got to let off the head of steam that has been building for almost three weeks. In a dark, dank basement somewhere in Germantown, I strapped on some boxing gloves and whaled on the bag for a while. Washed it down with some queso and crackers, chatter and the Daily Show. Much better now.

exhaust © Laura Kicey

Tomorrow: court! And a day off to boot..... how novel.

innocents © Laura Kicey

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

lay me down

Seeing as I can't bear to look into my eye-void any longer, and I am unable to go out and prance 'round town at my leisure due to stiff and ferocious ankle, I have to post up something old (vintage: this last weekend). After being told I wasn't being as creative with my new camera as I was with my old, by a trusted member of the inner circle, I escaped my local confines and went to Wayne: a place almost as exciting as it sounds, if not less.

funeral © Laura Kicey

But they have vandals who can't spell but try desperately to make an impact with gravitie [sic].
Shoot less. But with more certainty.
Back to your regularly scheduled workday dumpathon.


For some reason, it feels like the beginning of a new year. Today. If, directed by some pagan calendar, it is, I have started off on the wrong foot entirely. Literally. On my way home I slid off the edge of the pavement and twisted my ankle. While not devastating, I am hobbling, with zest, this evening. I was subpoenaed and have to go to court on Thursday... repercussions from being robbed at gunpoint almost three weeks ago. Subpoena. What a great word! What a dismal feeling. I've never been to court, not even for so much as a ticket. I have no idea what to expect. I imagine my desire to beat the crap out of something will linger.

choking hazard
choking hazard © Laura Kicey

Instead of being celebratory, I am doing laundry. Meanwhile, I make my halloweenly image, a mascara scare, me vs. magic wand, break up and make up, etc. Most esteemed guest, Ms. K will be visiting me this weekend, and the clean must be unearthed. Speaking of the weekend, I am back up to bat:



first saturday of november in old city, philadelphia.

sounds from mezone via mexico and hiroshi via japan we also have a special guest disc jockey transplanted from new orleans to philadelphia, kazu!

evenings filled with visual stimulants from aside and dragonballyee....also special viewing of spatial k's visit to san fran and helveticaneue's autumn set.

projections by ahhdios comida....

skinner's dry goods
226 Market in old city, philadelphia