Friday, November 04, 2005


Yesterday was three days in one, three mostly good days. Court was... the very definition of inefficiency. Waiting. Waiting some more. Listening to a plethora of other cases while sitting in the back row tittering with the kids, the judge sassing the newbie public defenders. Sat amongst the motley mix of criminals, witnesses and victims. A total of nine witnesses showed up for our case. We chose Diana to testify on our behalf. And there she stood before the judge, four feet from our robber and retold the story. In a few weeks I will have to return for the lineup and see him again, myself. In about two months we'll all be back for the trial.

leading the witness
leading the witness © Laura Kicey

That morning I drove through North Philly in a hopeless attempt to avoid traffic on the blue route... hitting it on Broad Street instead. Sometimes... I wish for red lights and bumper-to-bumper, for reasons like this:

erase © Laura Kicey

Got tipsy at Jones with Diana afterwards. Mac 'n' cheese and mango mojitos! Shopped. Lopped off the locks and they are in fantastic form. Felt like new.... tonight Ms. K comes to visit for the weekend. Work is already (fairly) well squared away and I'll get to go out and shoot this afternoon for a job. The rare smile emerges. And stays.

mixed signals
mixed signals © Laura Kicey


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