Thursday, December 13, 2007


At what point did this stop being a photo blog and become a belly blog? I've started associating going to to write, with drinking clear liquids and pining. I must say though, Trader Joe's broth is good. Like if I had the inexplicable hankering to drink chicken water on a normal day, I would pick this. These were obviously happy chickens... before they were dead chickens.

in the fold
in the fold © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

For a fasting day, this one has been rather exceptional. I feel triumphant, if waterlogged. So I mentioned that I had a photographic illustration job involving constructing a wall, well that job is going to press on Monday, everybody is exquisitely pleased. I am chaffing at the bit to share it publicly. While that job was winding down I suddenly got a portrait job for the cover of the same magazine, same issue. The painter Dane Tilghman and I met for a shoot yesterday and despite doing five different set ups it only took me about 45 minutes. We shot in Taylor's at the Olde Mill in Norristown, where his work is currently on display. Shanners came along to assist though somehow Mr. Tilghman ended up helping us carry my equipment up and down between the four floors of the mill. Nothing like putting the subject to work. Such a character, singing along with the tunes, and since he, Shannon and I all went to Kutztown, we swapped tales about professors who started off straight-laced by the book in his time and went berserk by the time I had them, and retired in time for Shannon to cross paths.... some 30 years of comical KUCD history. Again I didn't regret bringing along my ladder as he had nearly a foot and a half on me. Even in my giant platform boots.

tomorrow's sun
tomorrow's sun © Laura Kicey. All Rights Reserved.

I am reminded that I have done very little in the line of personal work since I got my new camera. But I have that on the list of things that must change, soon. I have accumulated a bunch of new wall materials, so maybe tonight and tomorrow afternoon while I am coming out of my anaesthesia stupor I will cobble something together.

Anyway, let's hear it for getting real paid for photography work. And what's that I hear? Bonus at Other Work too? That should put a dent in the equipmental debts. Let's break even baby.

Back to my fluorescent green Jell-O consumption.

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