Monday, November 06, 2006

working backwards

Falling ever further behind on everything, as the holidays open their big maw and swallow me... I have been wildly remiss with the blogging. Last-last weekend Mr. D and I ventured north-centralwards to crack open the strange dismal excitement of Minersville, PA and revisit our favorite Poorest City in Pennsylvania, Shamokin.

haunts © Laura Kicey

Basically everything we planned to do during the three day weekend ended up getting scrambled, twisted and/or rained on. The Metropolis of Minersville, which wanted for a longer stroll, received a quickly darkening gallop-through, during which we had our first ever house bar sighting:

snare © Laura Kicey

Apparently in its heyday, the town had 6-8 bars per block, so naturally some landed in homes. Obviously. Despite not really being a drinker, I was inches away from entering just to visuallly drink it all in. I mean, they had a giant plastic scare owl in the front window. What's not to love?

red leaves
red leaves © Laura Kicey

Shamokin in its crumbling-but-not-abandoned splendor met us with cloudy skies and glares from pick-up truck drivers. We were only questioned once by a man who seemed to have tracked us down after seeing us earlier in our walk. I batted my eyelashes and said 'I like colors and textures' and apparently, this was sufficient. Baffling.

pulling the wool
pulling the wool © Laura Kicey

This last weekend I got to exercise my brand new sparkly 10-22mm lens in the Italian market with a posse of flickrers.

cider © Laura Kicey

Accidentally stumbled upon the Mew Gallery in the neighborhood of the Italian Market, where I am hoping to show there (next year) or have works on consignment. Also in photo news, I got a photo published in JPG Magazine's self-portrait issue.

salsa dancing
salsa dancing © Laura Kicey

Big congratluations are in order for Mr. D who is signing a contract with a fabulous photo collective which will help him hone his stellar talents. Woo Hoo!

stocking © Laura Kicey

Also I'm in the thick of things with processing photos from yesterday's shoot with Philly's own drag king extraordinnaire, Wang Newton. Daniel and I worked together to shoot her 2007 calendar. The photos will also be used in her publicity for the next year. Hopefully I can post some of those soon.

And just for kicks,

landing © Laura Kicey

I was introduced to Bill Brandt when I posted this on flickr. Apparently most popular for his eerily distorted nudes shots with a wide angle lens. Nothing is original, but yet, it doesn't stop being exciting learning this.

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