Monday, October 02, 2006

crossed eyes

The very simplest pleasures and finding treasures in rubbish.

These two photos, one by me and one by Mr. D, reach through each other in this very circular way which I think summed up the past couple of days, without words. (We should really have the caption Watch out or I'll put my ghostly mitts on you! Rawr!)

deconstructing © Dustin Fenstermacher

black forest white touch
black forest white touch © Laura Kicey

A couple of ragged alleyways in a little out-of-the-way college town, overgrown and rusty sheds... Lentil soup and the last ice cream of the season. Long drives to nowhere and returning home. Shivers.

Somehow we put these pieces together and it works. Pretty easy recipe after you've made it once. Improvisation tastes good.

the calm
the calm © Laura Kicey

The preceding sentences and fragments only make sense if you are completely delirious and are having renewed fantasies about cooking.

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