Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the last day of summer

fair trade
fair trade © Laura Kicey

Last night I spent a couple hours on the phone with one of my college roommates who I had not talked to in years. She apparently had googled me this weekend looking for a phone number (but didn't find it, sigh of relief) but instead spent some time reading into the rather too numerous sites that feature things either I have written or have been written about me. Multiple times in the past month people I haven't talked to in years have been contacting me to tell me 'they've been watching me' and then tell me things about my life. Which is sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad and if I don't know them at all, downright terrifying.

coverage © Laura Kicey

We both came to realize in the *cough* years since graduating college and sharing our tiny room together how very much we shaped each other. Despite how different we were then and probably even more different now.... we both shared this inability to stop working. I think we even enjoyed it in a sick way, leading our hermit-like existences together.

untold © Laura Kicey

As co-habitating raging balls of stress, we weren't always kind to each other. But somehow we both managed to come out on the other side with love and respect for one another. I look back on myself then, the distant past, and the recent past that is being shown to me through other's eyes. So many things have changed in the past months and years, in me and around me, but really in the end the things that really matter and the people that really matter have a way of making their way back. Even if they never really left. Time softens the edges. Here is a fresh start. The last day of Summer, the first day of Autumn. Begin.

love company
love company © Laura Kicey


Blogger Michael K. said...

I hate all my old college roommates. They're all morons! Let 'em rot.

2:24 AM, September 27, 2006  
Anonymous Heather "Bitchlips" said...

Oh honey, since our last chat at least ONCE a day something catches my eye...maybe because there is only ONE... or strikes some deeply hidden emotion that then triggers my love for you. We not only shared our work ethic, but I think a passion to make ourselves become heard in life.... don't you agree? I'm thankful we re-connected, I need to know that you are out there, no kidding.

8:23 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger helveticaneue said...

aw monkeybutt, I'm out here, swamped but present. it always makes me happy to know that something I've done stirs somebody... especially the people I care about. May your eyeball keep uncovering beautiful things... and I hope we get to lay eyes on each other again soon.

I squeeze you heartily.

8:36 PM, October 11, 2006  

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