Sunday, September 17, 2006

squid marks

Chained as I am, sat with my legs propped up on the radiator by my desk, icing my knee to reduce the swelling, it seems poifect time for a blog entry. And who wants to clean mud out of the bath tub anyway?

Since everything went so well for so many days on end, it is fitting to end the weekend by going to the basement to do laundry and slipping and falling on the foul mudslick floor and damaging my already unhappy knee. Grrrr.

It is red and swollen and I can't bend it but I think I will live....

by my computer and never move again.

Thusday morning started with a sloppy hitch: it was pouring out. This was the morning I was to hang the show, so, armed with my battalion of garbage bags, I wrapped everything up, donned my trusty Russian Mail Order Bride hat and stuffed the trunk of my car. When I had all the pieces together in one room, it all looked like so much. When I got down to the gallery and started the selection process, seeing the pieces in relation to the space, they all rather shrank.


Aside from noticing that one of my frames does not meet correctly, and will not, no matter how I will it and turn purple from exertion, everything went in smoothly. And looked good, even better with the final lighting arrangement. I was pleased and more so, relieved. The curators, Mark and Karen, were helpful and happy with the selection.

Having the entire day off, I met up with the radiant Ms. Regina Rahill, staff photographer at The Ticket, for coffee and interview probing. She was great fun to talk to. This last week, The Ticket ran one of my photos with an extended caption to announce the opening. Next week, Ms. Rahill's piece will be accompanied by a number of my photos. After the interview, she and I walked down to the gallery and she managed to take a few shots of me with the wildly reflective cases, sipping my iced coffee through a straw, me: rain-soaked and messy. This... is also going to run, I think. Though I think I am supposed to dress nicely tomorrow. Just in case

Afterwards I was ready to collapse but was picked up by one Mr. D... from whom I received (among other things) a fantastic birthday present: a fluffy pink flamingo marionette. Quite astounding. I was most pleased. I had decided I wanted a new lighting fixture in my kitchen and mac & cheese. So we went to Ikea and I had my birthday dinner of meatballs, accompanied by said cheesy indulgence, seated with a tiny plush octopus... though I did not get a new light, I got my fill.

Friday morning the rain came in waves, slowing but never seeming to completely stop. Until the sun burst forth at 3pm. Before 5.30 we had people off the street coming through, puppies and children prancing around.

This will have to be continued tomorrow as I 1. took zero pictures of the opening, attendees, post-celebration, etc. 2. am realizing that once I get up from my chair, I don't want to sit back down because my knee is really stiff and it hurts. So I am going to bed.

Before doing so, I want so say thank you to everyone who contributed their time, two cents, thoughts, wishes, muscle and presence to this whole very crazed process. It was felt, through and through, whether you made it to the opening or not. It was not wasted, I am the better for it.

I need to go elevate my limbs now.


Blogger MikeWebkist said...

It was fun! Everything lokoed great.

9:57 AM, September 18, 2006  

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