Saturday, August 19, 2006

new hope, matter of opinion

overwrought © Laura Kicey

In need of a few hours away from the rays of the computer monitor before I check off the last of the show to-dos before the frames arrive, I decided to drive up to New Hope. I haven't been up in almost two years and I recalled seeing things of interest there and on the way before...

What a weird brand of fussed-up fussed-over overpriced decay. It is far more like a posh South Street than I remember it and every time I walked on a main street, I ended up in the cloud of some goth tart's clove cigarette.

Then it started to rain. Upon returning to my car, I collected my $20 parking ticket and proceeded to somehow get lost going home, which is basically a straight path... but managed to drive 45 minutes out of the way into Warrington before I realized the strips mall were not the same strip malls I had seen coming up.

numerical order
numerical order © Laura Kicey

I had seen this clock building on the way up. And had decided to stop and shoot it on the way home. Fortunately, once I got myself unlost, I actually drove past it. I am going to attempt to redeem this craptacular day by making something creative tonight yet.

Bonus points to Mark Elliott for taking TWO posters for the show and hanging them in his two framing studio windows.


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