Thursday, August 10, 2006


shorthanded © Laura Kicey

Suddenly I have a solo show. The space in downtown Ambler wasn't going to show my photos until December of 2008, but today I got a call and was told someone dropped out at the very last minute and so I am curating, framing, promoting and hanging a show all by September 14th. It is in the storefront below Denney Electric Supply of Ambler, 61 East Butler Avenue. Particulars of when they have the actual opening (there is actually a reception, despite the weird positioning of the space).

It will be up until November 16th. I haven't made final selections but I need 25-30 pieces from this selection very soon as in NOW. So this is me about to disappear or become rather scarce, I'm going to be busy. I have some prints to send out to different people, blogs readers, yes I know! I haven't forgotten! Everything is in a stir but I will come through.


Blogger The Craftastiks said...

I've been looking at and *loving* your work...and I'm also trying to organize a 'Factory' themed show for the Ambler Theater (or an Ambler storefront) this fall. Perhaps we can join cross-promotional forces and/or you would like to participate? E-mail me at if you're interested!

12:08 PM, August 14, 2006  

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