Friday, August 04, 2006

tropical depression

So whoever said the heat was going to "break" overnight, lied.

I'm trying not to be enraged because it makes my ears turn "fuschia" and the sauna outside was doing a pretty good job of that all by itself.

molten © Laura Kicey

Livid. Sweating is not acceptable.

The only reason the heat is bearable is because of the project I have been pouring myself into, which keeps me indoors in semi-airconditioned spaces, and that is the redesign of Dustin's website. Ms. K and I have been code and design wrangling on and off for a couple of weeks now and the site is almost but not quite ready to enjoy live status, looks-wise, just not yet content wise and we are still plotting how to work out the galleries. home page

It has been a long time since I was super-pleased with anything I've designed. I've never really designed a website from the bottom up and worked so closely with codemonkey to make the magical strings of gibberish-to-my-eyes fall into place. I mean, is currently (again? still?) an eyesore and my next project... but this site, though pretty simple, is just exactly right for him and his work. And hopefully it will help score him a job which is the bottom line. I'll say it again, anybody know of someone looking for a killer photographer or an events coordinator, he's it. Go now! I'll have a big announcement when it goes live because I will likely be unable to contain myself any longer.

(does Design Dance of Happiness, awkwardly, because of out-of-practiceness)


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