Friday, August 18, 2006

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making peace
making peace © Laura Kicey

Marking the end of a whirling dervish of a week, sitting down at the computer unable to hear myself think for my neighbors Smashing Pumpkins below me... I schlurp miso soup and munch freakish black grapes that look like distened black fingers. And reflect.

The obsesso-checking of the inbox didn't go so hot as no one I emailed got back to me. I did place one phone call to the editor of The Ticket, which is a Whassup This Weekend Philly Burbs sort of insert thing. As I fumble through introducing myself, he interrupts me to say, 'Oh you're the one with the fantastic self-portrait!!'

I stammer and then he says 'I am looking at you right now!!'

"I feel like I am talking right to you, here looking at your wonderful red hair and your big blue eye."

He goes on to explain that as I called him he happened to be downloading the things I sent that very moment. Which made me stroke my chin in wonderment. So we chatted a bit and I let him describe the workings as I was not sure which direction I should be headed and if it was too late.... which it seemed, looking at the deadline sheet I was given.

The story is, his insert has a rather wide circulation and goes in many newspapers, including the Ambler Gazette. He said I would almost definitely get a writeup with the Gazette, but I should try to aim them towards just writing about the opening. He wanted to write a feature on my photography in general (GLEE) and was going to get one of his writers on it. What's more is he said loads of people wait until three or four days before an event to get something written, so by contrast we have oodles of time. He told me I can breathe again, not to worry.

I printed out some posters of the invitation, they look quite marvellous if I dare say so, and decided to hoof it down Butler Pike to see if I could encourage anyone to hang one. It is then I realized that our town packs up shop between 4 and 5pm on summer weekdays. Boo. I think I could get three posted. Ambler Theater, Denney Electric and No Bare Walls Framing. Postcards should be easier.... Next week I am sending out email invites first wave and hopefully meeting my new Ambler Womenses about the other show. I think I am going to take a break and watch Pink Flamingos at top volume and vacuum later. Much later. Grrrr.


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