Wednesday, August 16, 2006


clarity © Laura Kicey

Right when things reach a fever pitch, naturally I get more news to shake things up. What did I say about September? Huh, well firstly one of my most awesome and generous local contacts has offered to channel the press release in the most right directions. Doing the happy PR dance RIGHT NOW BITCHES!

Am so happy I can nearly look past the fortune I laid out on frames (which were cheaper than getting everything custom framed but still...) that will make picking up the 10-22mm I have been dying to buy, rather impossible for quite some time.

ending © Laura Kicey

But wait there is more! Another local has asked me to participate in another show that will hopefully be in Ambler, pivoting on the theme of 'Factory', and mostly images of 'my' beloved asbestos factory. And holy cow am I filling her e-ear with all sorts of random trivia I have amassed about the place. Am bouncing off the walls that someone else is excited about it and wants me to be a part. There I am this very afternoon running down Butler Pike in Ambler, sweating chasing the Main Street Manager to gather more info and ply her with other local news.

topless © Laura Kicey

So I leave you with some old favorites of Keasby and Mattison's old glory.
Breathe it in!


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