Monday, July 31, 2006

summer reruns

scale © Laura Kicey

Air conditioner turned on high to drown out the drone of the cicadas, I harrassed my poor itchy, allergic cat (any Philly-ish vet suggestions are welcome, I am hating my hoitytoity overpriced vet in Chestnut Hill who didn't know what her rash was and charged me $100 for the pleasure), ordered prints, some new equipment for the weddings that WILL BE, and tried to avoid avoiding going outside... which meant I crossed the street to buy toilet paper, and though I needed it, I immediately regretted it. Basically I did nothing...

escapist © Laura Kicey

I played with my other new equipment (alienbees 5-in-1 reflector that I am laying on below) and went through old photos from San Fran to make it look like I went outside for more than two seconds.

trickle © Laura Kicey

They say the heat will break for the coming weekend. I don't want to acknowledge it is August.





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