Thursday, June 22, 2006

making peace

coming apart
coming apart © Laura Kicey

To purge myself of the day, I took myself apart. I came home, ate some dinner against my will, as the urge to eat has left me, then I found the appropriate clothes and stage, rearranged the furniture and went to work. I'm not overly pleased with the results. Angry that the original shots were soft despite trial, mucho error, and large house plant stand-ins. I want to replace myself with a better model. This one is sluggish, everything creaks and aches, it is too thick in the middle and the volume appears to be broken. But all I can afford is the one new arm.

I'm going to have to at least temporarily replace my masthead, I managed to get myeslf noticed by some foot-perve blogger and have all this traffic from his links... and there is my foot, hanging out up there, apparently waiting, in constant peril of unwanted attentions. Hey guys, that foot... you get it anywhere near your mouth and my trick toenail will come flying off and lodge in your windpipe and choke you.
Take it elsewhere.

I've been in a restless frenzy all day, knowing that some of my very closest friends are very troubled... My friend K had an eye surgery last week to mend a hole in her eye. Some time yesterday it came undone again... each time it has to be redone, the tissue gets weaker. (whimper). Daniel was mostly beyond consolation all day, even after Misery Dinner last night. Oh well, it didn't make me feel better either. Though his dinner was already dead, he seemed to want to rekill it and make it suffer the ultimate suffering. There was quite a bit of airborne chicken, it is no wonder it didn't quite hit the spot.

Now I should be off, I need to unwedge myself from behind the sofa and put most things back in their place....


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