Monday, May 22, 2006


I went ahead and wrote directly to a photo editor at Nerve whose email address I got from a flickr-friend who had had his work used (with permission and credit) on their site in past. I got a very short apology with a pat 'designers clipped it for use... never was approved by photo' explanation and apology, asking if I would like a premium subscription to their photography galleries.

I said since the damage has already been done, I would feel less like I've been completely shafted if they would consider using an image - or the same image - elsewhere on the site, credited properly. Scratch my back a little people?! It would work out pretty nicely for both of us I think. Not holding the breath though. I'm still aggravated as I don't feel like I am coming out on top and I'm not sure how I might...

eavesdropping © Laura Kicey

This morning I was awakened by shuffling noises from across the room. I sit up and can see Maggs playing by my big cushy chair. Not her normal play, more determined and calculated. I call out to her and she makes an odd meow and continues with her work. I had the distinct feeling the mouse had made another appearance.

So a few hours later I'm up getting ready for work and decide to look under the chair. Low and behold, Bug-Eyes McMouse comes shooting out, hiding there since his distressing wee-hours encounter. He freezes by my bookshelf and I decide I could probably nab him. So I look for something to put him in and immediately see a chunky hourglass-shaped ceramic vase. I manage to chase him out from under the shelf but he is making a bee-line for the door to the living room. I call to my faithful Cat Daughter and she comes running and spots him immediately in the doorway and redirects him with careful paw back into the room. She chases him under the wardrobe towards me. I get him cornered so that he is facing directly into the vase. I paused and blew hard on him and he shot right into the vase, securely.

camouflage © Laura Kicey

When I left for work this morning, the Maggot was still guarding the wardrobe, convinced Mouse was going to reappear and she needed to continue to man the fort. An awesome team effort, nonetheless. I took Bug-Eyes to work and asked Bossman if I could go to the park and free him.

I should have just stayed in the park for all the work that is being done today. Current dry spell has been going on for quite some time. Perhaps I can sort out my CSS issues or go home and sort out my clean socks.

Time better spent.


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