Monday, May 15, 2006


fractured © Laura Kicey

The Unholy Redheaded Trinity of Cuteness has been unleashed upon ye this day. Despite the thunder and lightning, the light was very pretty after work today... briefly a pinkish patch of Maxfield Parrish-eque clouds peeked out.

This weekend D's car was broken into and some of his and his friend's things were stolen out of it in North Philly. I am standing by, useless but enraged, as it brought all too freshly to mind the shit that happened to me and my friends back in October*. I'm relieved that they are all ok... we just keep on walking that line between overly-wary and totally aware.

I just want to wrap my people up in cotton wool and protect them...

kicey kitten
kicey kitten © Laura Kicey

*not part of the original post, but transferred to an appropriate time frame from another blog at a later date.


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